The Satyyaa..

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It is the over the top feeling and excitement I am getting since last few days. I know why this is because, these days I am totally drowned in portraits, reading some of the magnificent books of all times, and grasping the  thoughts of one of the best thinkers of human times. 

Also, currently I am involved on one of my lifetime projects in association with one international group, The Eden : Rabindranath Tagore. Its truly ineffable knowing him. 

Thus, this made me think why I am not compiling all this treasure for my personal delight. So, this led the creation of Satyyaa.. 

Mithyaa is all about me, my values, my buddies, my world. Satyyaa would be everything about all the polymaths whom I am able to study, to know and feel. 

There will be so much here, poems, excerpts, essays. Everything by them. Yes, certainly I shall express my thoughts little intermittenly.

I donot know what kind of following I shall be getting but I certainly wish to share this with everyone who'll visit Satyyaa. 

So, lets get started. 

Shantanu   --- <^>----