Ekla chalo re..

Posted by Shantanu

By Rabindranath Tagore

Jodi Tor Dak Soone Keu Na Asse
Tobe Ekla Chalo re
Ekla Chalo Ekla Chalo Ekla Chalore

Jodi Keu Katha Na Kai Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Sabai Thake Mukh Firae Sabai Kare Bhay
Tabe Paran Khule
O Tui Mukh Fute Tor Maner Katha Ekla Balo re

Jodi Sabai Fire Jai Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Gahan Pathe Jabar Kale Keu Feere Na Chay
Tobe Pather Kanta
O Tui Rakta Makha Charan Tale Ekla Dalo re

Jodi Alo Na Dhare Ore Ore O Abhaga
Jodi Jharr Badale Andhar Rate Duar Deay Ghare
Tobe Bajranale
Apaan Buker Panjar Jaliey Nieye Ekla Jalo re

Meaning : 

If no one speaks to you, oh thou of evil luck
If everyone turns his backs to you and is afraid
Then wholheartedly, you alone speak up what is in your mind

If everyone returns back, oh thou of evil luck
If no one accompanies you into the deep woods
then on the thorns of the road
You alone walk with your blood soaked feet

When fire cannot be alighted, oh thou of evil luck
If stormy winds are blowing, the sky is overcast
In a dark night when the light of your destination is far
 Then lighting the fire in your rib cage, you walk alone