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Maveric Prowles
Had Rumbling Bowles
That thundered in the night.
It shook the bedrooms all around
And gave the folks a fright.
The doctor called;
He was appalled
When through his stethoscope
He heard the sound of a baying hound,
And the acrid smell of smoke.
Was there a cure?
'The higher the fewer'
The learned doctor said,
Then turned poor Maveric inside out
And stood him on his head.
'Just as I though
You've been and caught
An Asiatic flu -
You musn't go near dogs I fear
Unless they come near you.'
Poor Maveric cried.
He went cross-eyed,
His legs went green and blue.
The doctor hit him with a club
And charged him one and two.
And so my friend
This is the end,
A warning to the few:
Stay clear of doctors to the end
Or they'll get rid of you. 

- Spike Milligan


  1. Tamanna A. Shaikh

    Ohhyou have built a collection here huh! make sure you include Frost! :)

  1. Shantanu

    Obviously Tamu.!! Robert is Frost is ma all time fav.
    I have already put Frost here, please check out.

  1. Tanvi

    Like your collection! When I came to your blog Eminem - Not Afraid was playing ... Thanks for reading and your wonderful words!

  1. Shantanu

    thank u Tanvi.! ya Eminem is fav one.